1439441995133472.jpgHoly Aviation is a world’s leading company that has been active in the manufacturing of aviation spare parts with a prestigious history dating back to 1976.

We provide top-quality spare parts for both aero engines and aircrafts. Our headquarters are based in the High-Tech District of Chengdu, with our production base 38km away in Holy Industrial Park, Pengzhou, Chengdu. Both locations are easily accessible via Shuangliu International Airport.

Prior to 2008, we focused solely on China’s market, and, since then, have expanded with great success to offer our products and services to the world market. Our expansion was in response to high demands for excellence in the quality of aircraft parts at competitive prices. We proudly offer a production capacity that is practically limitless.

At Holy, we produce and engineer complex parts that include fasteners, springs,rubber parts,and fuel nozzle parts. For your convenience, we offer parts in a range of sizes with our 210 sets of machining equipment, as well as 80 special processing equipment sets, and 90 sets of measuring equipment. 

Although that number sounds impressive, we are constantly growing and adding to our sets. We are open to increasing them in the future and changing as the aviation industry continues to develop. We meet client demands with a professional ease that we have accrued over decades of working in the aviation field, offering processing technology skills in precision machining, precision coupling part lapping, EDM, and special process. With the latest technology and highly-skilled staff, we meet the needs for your orders.

Our 282 employees, of which about a quarter are engineers, are hardworking and operate at the highest level of excellence. See Holy’s Quality & Certifications  page for the full list of our company qualifications. We have upped the expectations of Tier to aviation part manufacturers by offering:

•     Zero-tolerance for Quality

•     Zero-tolerance for Delivery

•     The ultimate level of service 

•     Unlimited order capacity

We work with recognized leaders in the aviation industry, including the Aviation Industry Corporation of China and GE Aviation. See our Customer Relations page for a more detailed list of our customers. 

No other company offers you the dependability, on-time service, and superior workmanship of aviation parts the way that Holy does, day in and day out.