Machining Equipment

Holy is proud to have 210 sets of machining equipment in our Production Base in Holy Industrial Park, located in Pengzhou, Chengdu. 

We use the latest, most efficient equipment to produce the best quality parts possible. For machining equipment, we use leading models of:

 ▪ 5-axis vertical & horizontal machining centers – Impressive accuracy is achievable with the 5-axis machine applications. The rotary axes eradicate cumulative errors within the high-torque equipment.

 ▪ 5-axis vertical & horizontal lathe-mill cutting center(DMG) 

 ▪ 7-axis turn-milling center (Mazak)– Our multitasking 7-axis turn-milling center provides long-term accuracy and excellent finishes for product surfaces, as well as durable construction and high-speed spindles. The parts mix offers high productivity. (Mazak)

 ▪ High-precision  6-axis  lathe-mill cutting center(Bumotec) 

 ▪ Hi-speed  machining center(Mikron)

 ▪ CNC creep feed grinding machine four coordinates

 ▪ Centerless cylindrical grinder – Efficiency is superior with our state-of-the-art grinder, particularly coupled with automated loading, and it meets even the highest performance standards.

 ▪ CNC grinding machine – Grinding in high volume is achievable with an accuracy beyond compare as our skilled staff use this machine. Our automated production environment is fast and dependable.

 ▪ CNC wire-cut EDM machine – Complex shapes are no match for this extraordinary EDM machine. A wonderful surface finish is achievable, even for small pieces or hard materials.

 ▪ Precision CNC EDM machine – Precision, speed, and efficiency combine with this CNC EDM precision machine to craft parts in the shapes, sizes, and excellent finish you desire.

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